The steps for using your Homeowner Insurance policy

Here is how House Transformers Inc. will help during the process

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Step 1: Introduction

When the Technicians arrive, they will conduct an initial walk-through with the Homeowner to assess the extent of the damage and determine the location of the loss. After this assessment, the Homeowner will sign a Work Authorization, granting House Transformers Inc. the necessary permission to begin the restoration process.

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Step 2: Documentation

During this step, the Technician(s) will diligently document the damaged areas by taking photos. Additionally, they will stabilize the property and initiate the process by setting up any specialized equipment needed. It is crucial to pay close attention to ensure that your home's damage is thoroughly and completely documented.

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Step 3: End of Evaluation

The process will continue for the next 3+ days, during which the Technician(s) will closely monitor any equipment placed in your home. Once the evaluation is deemed complete, the Technician(s) will promptly remove any of the equipment, damage or debris from your home. It is essential that the evaluation be ran continuously 24/7 during this stage to achieve the desired results.

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Step 4: Rebuilding Plan Starts

With your home's damage now documented, the Technician(s) will take final photos to document any demolition that was performed and to demonstrate that the area is safe. Upon completing the necessary documentation, you will be asked to sign a Certificate of Satisfaction. This certificate will inform your Insurance Carrier that the work has been successfully completed and the area is safe. Subsequently, we will submit the estimate to your Insurance Carrier, and once they approve it, they will send the payment directly to you for the work performed by House Transformers Inc.


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Step 1: Filing Your Claim

Before the Rebuild or Restoration process, you'll need to file a claim with your Homeowners Insurance. You will be assigned both a Field + Desk Insurance Adjuster and be given their contact information. The Field Adjuster will be in contact with you with 24-48 hours to schedule an inspection.

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Step 2: Inspection

When the Field Insurance Adjuster comes out to your property, we will also send a House Transformers Representative to help oversee the inspection. The Field Insurance Adjuster will write a detailed estimate on their findings.

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Step 3: Negotiation

Next, your assigned Project Manager and Desk Insurance Adjuster will go back and forth until they agree on a scope of work, which typically takes 1-4 weeks.

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Step 4: Approved Estimate

Once your Insurance Adjuster has approved the scope of work, the next step is to sign a contract pay your deductible and pay 30% of your contract to House Transformer Inc, usually within 1-2 weeks.

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Step 5: Into Production + Supplements

Your assigned Project Manager who will work with you to go over material selections and order all necessary materials and schedule your project typically taking 1-2 weeks.Supplements: Any scope of work that was not seen during initial inspection will be reported to the Desk Adjuster and Homeowner to make sure the insurance carrier will cover the additional work.

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Step 6: Job Completion

With materials ready, the construction phase will commence and continue until completion. After this stage, you will have a final walk-through with your Project Manager to ensure everything is satisfactory. The duration of this step varies depending on the size of the job, usually taking 2-8 weeks.

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Step 7: At Last

Finally, once your home is restored to its pre-loss conditions, you will sign a Certificate of Completion and be given a final invoice. This document will be sent to your Insurance Carrier to inform them that your job is completed, and final payment can be released.


We understand that remolding expenses sometimes might not fit your budget. Thats why we offer a variety of financing program including 0% interest with easy terms for qualifying customers.

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Dear Homeowner,

We want to express our sincere gratitude for choosing House Transformers Inc. as your partner in turning your house into a warm and inviting home. It has been our privilege and honor to work alongside you throughout this transformative journey. We believe that a house becomes a home when it reflects the unique story and character of its occupants. Your project embodies this philosophy, and we are grateful to have been a part of your journey. Your satisfaction and happiness are our ultimate rewards, and we look forward to seeing you enjoy the fruits of our collective labor. Our promise to be advocate for you throughout the process is our ultimate goal of success. Thank you for choosing us.

The Team at House Transformers Inc.

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