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Wilder Carrera

Wilder has been in the construction industry for the last 17 years. He founded House Transformers Inc. because he wanted home owners to get their dream project at an affordable price. His favorite part of the business is the entire remodeling process, starting from an inspired idea to seeing the completed project brings him the most job.

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Alejandro Aguilar
Project Manager

Alejandro cares about his clients and customers. He strives to be as transparent as possible during the entire experience while working with HTI. His favorite part is connecting with home owners and building relationships founded on trust and integrity. His was brought in by the Founder to work directly under him and has developed quickly in his time at HTI.

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Alex Ayala
Project Manager

Alex has been working in construction for 10 years. He has worked with HTI for 2 years, specializing in home additions, custom homes, commercial work and siding. Alex loves unique projects and enjoys a challenge. His favorite part of the process is the before and after photos to compare the transformation from start to finish.

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Russell Webb

Russell has been working for HTI for 8 years and serves as a main contact for clients and customers.He has lots of experience and is well versed in diverse situations regarding a variety of jobs for all your home transformation needs. His favorite part of the job is seeing happy customers and he strives to get satisfaction that customers deserve.

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